The legendary word game

Challenge players from around the world! The best part: Every one plays in their own language!

Word Game

WORDR is the legendary game "Tutti Fruiti" for the smartphone era. Its a-synchronous, multi-player and multi-language game in one!

Connect yourself on the Internet and challenge players from around the world! The best part: Every one plays in their own language!

How to play

You and your opponent(s) add appropriate terms and words for the indicated categories that are starting with the proposed letter. You have 90 seconds to enter the 5 terms in a game round. However, you can stop the game at any time, e.g. if you are clueless.

At the end of each round, the results will be checked for correctness and uniqueness. You will get full points for each unique and correct entry; if 2 or more players have entered the same correct term, the points will be reduced accordingly.

At the end of 5 rounds the player with the highest points will win.

  • Multi-Player: Between 2 and 5 participants can join a game. A game has 5 rounds.
  • 15 Categories: 5 out of 15 categories will be played in each game.
  • Multi-Language: Play WORDR in your native language! You can play WORDR in English, German, French or in Spanish with your opponents.
  • A-Synchron: WORDR can be played at different times. That means you and your opponents need not be online at the same time in order to play. After you complete a round, you can take your time and continue the game some time later. In order not to annoy your fellow players and to increase fun with WORDR, please do not wait too long to continue :-).
  • Training Mode: Practice your self without opponents.

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